Education – What Makes a Great Teacher?Aug 09


What are great teachers and programs doing to engage students?

Prepared by Don Ball and Justin Tsang

Framing the problem of Education:

“Education is the most important thing to get right.”
-Bill Gates

Watch: (starting at 7minutes 59 seconds to end of video):

Key takeaways:

The top 20% of students have gotten a good education in the United States. These are the best educations in world and these students have gone on to create the revolutions to keep the US in forefront. Those top 20% are starting to fad and the balance of education is getting worse. Furthermore, the economy is only providing opportunities to for those with advanced educations.

Over 30% of children never finish high school. For minorities this percentage is over 50%. If you graduate from HS and you also come from a low income family you have less than a 25% chance of completing a college degree, and a higher percentage to go to jail then get a four year degree.

Key takeaways: Students must begin using engaging technologies in collaborative, inquiry-based learning environments, with teachers who are willing and able to use technology’s power to assist them in transforming knowledge and skills into products, skills, and new information.

The next generation wants to:

  • Create
  • Consume
  • Remix
  • And share information with each other

Building a solution to the problem: Looking forward

  • Who are the teachers that you have that are great? What makes them different?
  • What is the best way to reward great teachers?
  • How would you retain great teachers if you were an administrator?
  • What could be done to replicate great teachers?

Watch: Clip from 60 Minutes:

“KIPP is not just a school, but a way of life…”

“Today, more than 80% of KIPP students are going to college.”

KIPP Schedule: Monday through Friday 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Saturdays, and even school in the summer…KIPP students spend 70% more time in school than other students.

  • What is KIPP’s education model?
  • What is KIPP doing differently?
  • How does KIPP instill accountability in students, teachers, and parents?
  • Do you know similar models whether domestic or international that have similar success to KIPP?

Optional: Redefining the Possible:

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