Leadership: Different Styles, Same ResultsAug 08


Leadership: Different Styles, Same Results

Prepared by Don Ball and Justin Tsang

Machiavelli asked, “Is it better to be loved or feared?”

GCG  focuses on effective leadership by analyzing two fundamentally diverging styles which have been discussed in a Harvard Business School case study on two of the greatest basketball coaches of all time; Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K) of Duke Univ and Bobby Knight (The General) of most notably, Indiana and Texas Tech.

The men’s profound leadership styles could not be more different; Coach K promoting affection and positive reinforcement while Bobby has been appropriately labeled an “in-your-face taskmaster”. Both men, however, command great devotion from their players, have similar winning records and are acknowledged as top NCAA coaches.

Key concepts include:

  • Effective leaders understand their own assumptions about human nature.
  • How you lead (leadership style) is influenced by who you are (self-awareness) and the demands of the situation (situational awareness).
  • Expanding your self-awareness, situational awareness, and ability to adapt your leadership style increases your overall range of effectiveness as a leader.

After reading the article: http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5464.html please come to the meeting prepared to discuss and answer key questions below:

  • What motivates people to do their best – the fear of loss or hope of gain?
  • Is there a most effective style of leadership? Or does it depend on the organizational context?
  • Does style matter if the results are similar?

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