The State of the Global Economy: Cheap Credit and the Housing MarketAug 09

The State of the Global Economy: Cheap Credit and the Housing Market
Prepared by: Stephen McMullin and Srujan Linga

The Global Catalyst Group examines the relationship between cheap credit and the housing market. Further, GCG discusses the implications of a post-cheap credit society in the United States.

Questions include:

  • How important is the health of the housing market?
  • How important is the velocity of money (The ability for easy lending/spending)?
  • What will the changes in the economic landscape do to the political landscape?

The following materials were discussed to support our conversation:

The 2009 Outlook: Nouriel Roubini (NY Stern School of Business)

Libertarians: A third party? *Please excuse the political undertones (feel free to skip the last 1min and 30 seconds)

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