Member Spotlight: Donald Ball10 Sep

Donald Ball

“Dream big and take risks.”

In this Catalyst Spotlight, Don reminiscences about his study and travel to Hong Kong. For Don, this was an experience of a lifetime and one that was a game-changer. During this talk, Don sets the stage for group members to connect and converse about their experiences. Don articulates a key theme that inspires his listeners to, as Don states, “dream big and take risks”.

While in China, Don finds that relationships are forged during new and challenging circumstances; his experience in China and at the Chinese University of Hong Kong creates deep and meaningful relationships with his colleagues, including GCG founding members, Stephen McMullin and Justin Tsang.

Don has been shaped and influenced by his experience in China by witnessing firsthand, the miracle in Asia and corresponding economic boom. Traveling gave Don an opportunity to not only share his story with his colleagues, but also to build a new and exciting story with them.

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Summit: Opportunities in a Dynamic World05 Sep

Global Catalyst Group in partnership with Georgetown Entrepreneurial Organization

The Catalyst Summit:
Issues and opportunities in a dynamic and ever-changing world

world in hand

DATE: October 3, 2009
TIME: 8:30 AM- 12:30PM
LOCATION: Georgetown University

Free for Students, Non-Members and GCG Members


Join us for a half-day Catalyst Summit that explores the opportunities that exist in a dynamic and ever-changing world.

Creating Entrepreneurial Communities: How do we utilize entrepreneurship to promote economic development in deteriorating communities?

Due to recent economic downturn, municipal government revenues have declined in parallel. Given an inability to provide traditional local stimulus programs, community leaders are exploring alternative economic development models based on endogenous entrepreneurship. Frameworks that have been developed range from subsidies for anchor companies to create a local multiplier effect, partnerships with research educational institutions to encourage high-tech spin-offs, and local “enterprise facilitators” to formulate strategic partnerships amongst community members. This presentation will focus on practical examples of various community economic development models and facilitate discussion on the pros and cons of each model. Participants will be encouraged to discuss the applicability of these models to other community examples in the United States and internationally.

About the Presenter:

Ms. Megan Yonke is a Global Catalyst Group member and currently works at a consultant at a Fortune 100 consulting firm as a Federal Government Consultant in Arlington, VA.. She graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Economics. Her researched has focused on international community economic development topics, ranging from the role of entrepreneurship in emerging industries to the impacts of foreign direct investment and trade. She has worked extensively with Michigan State Government officials, as well as local governments and civic associations.


How the changing venture landscape is revolutionizing collaboration in startups.

Venture capital as it has been known for the past forty years is dying — and it’s being replaced with a new and distinctly different financing model which will have profound impact on the way young companies are run, raising questions such as:  How should an entrepreneur with an idea today go about starting their business?  How will founders and employees collaborate within companies?  How will strategic partnerships between young companies look in 10 years?

About the Presenter:

Brad Hargreaves a Global Catalyst Group member and is a leading innovator in the casual gaming world. Currently, he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of PickTeams, the creators of the GoCrossOffice teambuilding program and GoCrossCampus gaming network.  Since founding PickTeams in 2007, Brad has been featured in the New York Times, MTV News, Sports Illustrated and CBS News, where he was recognized as a creator of some of the most popular and fastest-growing games for 18-24 year olds. Prior to founding PickTeams, Brad attended Yale, where he helped create Yale’s first university-run entrepreneurship initiative.


From Kalamazoo to Kinshasa: The Future of Interconnectivity and Economic Development at Home and Abroad

The concept of the network is as old as the dismal science itself yet has been one of the key — and often overlooked — drivers of economic prosperity ever since its inception. With the creation of a smaller, flatter planet thanks to the Internet, mobile technology, and other means of collaboration that are as widespread as ever, both small and large communities around the world stand at the brink of an unprecedented spiderweb of “clusters” that give way to novel and lucrative competitive advantages, as well as economic advance for those communities well-positioned enough to exploit them. This discussion will explore these connections, how communities of all shapes and sizes have leveraged unique local, national, and international networks, and the brave new world created by this concept of economic development.

About the Presenter:

Brett Staron is a Global Catalyst Group member and is a consultant at a Fortune 100 consulting firm in Washington, DC. He graduated with High Honors from Michigan State University in 2008 with dual bachelor degrees in International Relations and Economics, with a specialization in Political Economy. Brett has led and conducted several research projects with a focus on higher education, family structure, and political systems and their influence on the standard of living in both industrial and developing economies.

The Catalyst Summit is FREE to Students, Non-Members and GCG Members thanks to our sponsors, Global Catalyst Group and Georgetown Entrepreneurial Organization but registration is required.

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