Leadership Discussion: Sports and Social MediaOct 15


Sports and Social Media – Roundtable discussion with Anthony Caponiti.

Tonight’s guest conversation is with Anthony Caponiti and was interviewed by Donald Ball. Anthony is a passionate entrepreneur who seeks to combine his life-long love and knowledge of sports with social media and web technology. The focus of the Leadership Discussion is how the new media space is impacting athletes and how social media can be used to spotlight and brand them.

As a Partner at Activ8Social, he works with professional athletes, entertainers, teams, and Fortune 500 brands, assisting each client in understanding niche audiences and consumer behavior across the Internet. His company Activ8Social engages consumers and inspires word-of-mouth communication through Social Media Marketing, Blogger / Influencer Outreach, Digital Publicity, and Social Network Property Management services. Alongside Activ8Social, Anthony founded StarBurbs, Inc. which focuses on developing platforms and applications that help facilitate an authentic conversation between a digital brand and its fans/consumers.  StarBurbs first product is currently under development aiming to launch before the end of the year.

Prior to his entrepreneurial journey, Anthony worked for two years as a Strategy & Change Consultant for IBM’s Global Business Services.  Anthony has a BBA from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School in Atlanta, GA with a concentration on venture management consulting, business law, and communications. Anthony is also an avid student of entrepreneurial leadership.

Anthony’s companies and blog:

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