Member Spotlight: Stephen McMullinOct 13

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Stephen McMullin and Srujan Linga at Yankee Stadium

Fortune Favors the Bold.

In this member spotlight, Stephen McMullin, Founding Member of the Global Catalyst Group shares his stories of earning acceptance into Georgetown University and his resiliency through the arduous hiring process of Goldman Sachs. Stephen’s reflection shows us that through tenacity and perseverance, goals can be attained and ambitions quenched.

Stephen also shares his insight into how Rugby taught him to “leave it all on the field” and to pursue a “common sense of teamwork and resiliency.” Through rugby, he acquired attributes that have been applicable to both his personal and professional life; most notably “playing smart as well as hard.” Stephen says that “everyday I try to make the smartest decisions I can, to be as productive as I can, and to rely on my team to fill in the holes that I cannot fill.”

Finally, Stephen reflects on simple human limitations with a wise and unique account of the success and failures of Wall Street. He speaks of the fearful reality that no one particular person is omnipotent and that life is full of unknowable variables. However, Stephen contends that this reality, when viewed from the proper perspective, can be the source of an overwhelming sense of empowerment. Stephen’s states that we “all have an opportunity to set the agenda, to define the world around ourselves, and to engage others to join us in our respective visions for the future.”

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