Continuing the Conversation: Choosing the Right Funding PathJan 11

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Choosing the Right Funding Path

At the Georgetown University Catalyst Summit, Brad Hargreaves discussed the future of venture capital and how it will impact collaboration in startups over the next decade. Specifically, he analyzed how the decline of the traditional venture funding model is leading to the proliferation of “incubator-style” funding opportunities, fundamentally transforming many startups from siloed institutions to distributed entities with shared advisors, employees and – occasionally – management.

But entrepreneurs are not passive entities at the will of shifting financial winds: they still face critical financing choices as they guide their business forward.

During this Catalyst Conversation, Brad led GCG through those choices, addressing questions ranging from basic, scope-related issues, such as:

  • Why should an entrepreneur take funding? When is boostrapping not enough?
  • What types of businesses should take funding? Do these models apply to other business structures, such as nonprofits and sole proprietorships?
  • What should businesspeople look to get from their financiers other than money?
  • What kind of businesses are good fits for the incubator model? Are there some businesses that should still aggressively pursue traditional venture capital?
  • How do angel investments work? Are they worth pursuing?
  • How can different funding models be combined to yield an ideal outcome for my business?
  • Can I get some of that sweet, non-dilutive government (stimulus?) money?
  • What’s the best strategy to meet the people who have the money I need?

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