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Leading Through a Crisis

Leaders face significant challenges before, during, and after any crisis. In the wake of yet another international humanitarian disaster, GCG takes a look backward to prepare for the future. Over the past decade, many have witnessed September 11th, Hurricane Katrina, a Financial Meltdown, and a recent earthquake in Haiti.

The four highlighted events required unique leadership capabilities to navigate and emerge from surreal events. The leadership abilities of presidents, international organizations, leaders of companies and countries alike were placed under a microscope to evaluate the leaders effectiveness during the crisis. Though no leader can fully prepare for such extreme disasters and crisis, the actions of great leaders provide the foundation for recovery and execute a plan that mobilizes thousands and millions of people.

As future leaders, GCG asks, what can be learned from past extraordinary events and the actions taken by prominent leadership figures? What challenges exist when faced with such circumstances?

HSN CEO discusses leadership in hard times
HSN CEO Mindy Grossman discusses the steps the company took to keep employees in the loop through the current recession.

Guiding questions:

  • How is leadership defined during crisis?
  • Based on the events above, what are the key takeaways for young emerging leaders to adopt and learn from?
  • Everyone is a critic with 20/20 vision, how does an emerging leader stay on path to do what needs to happen when up against adversity?
  • How does a leader best prepare for crisis?

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