Connecting and enabling…

Our Members participate in an online global community, weekly conference calls, and regional and industrial meet-ups. The focus is to identify, analyze, and explore global issues. Facilitators are selected to research a topic of their choosing and guide a roundtable discussion among other GCG Members. We discuss relevant questions designed to broaden the depth and scope of our thinking. These questions are drawn from a wide spectrum, ranging from current events to pertinent philosophical questions. We leverage the team’s collective attributes to educate one another, share perspective, and offer realistic solutions to these questions.

Our discussions broaden the depth of our thinking.

Our Mantra

The Global Catalyst Group seeks to gather persons of unique potential into a community dedicated to thought leadership, shared resources, and mutual improvement. Through deliberate collaboration, collective mentorship and continuous dialogue we believe that we can support and stretch one another with meaningful insight and thoughtful guidance. We encourage our membership and partners to exercise, together, their ambition, creativity, and both their professional and social networks to pursue a greater purpose than oneself. We challenge them to leave a legacy and we support one another towards this end.

Contact Us

We are actively exploring new opportunities to connect and collaborate on projects that add value to our mission. Contact us to start the conversation.