Catalyst Group Membership. Through an open sourced, invitation-only membership, we provide a platform through which future leaders of industry, politics, and social services interact with like-minded catalysts, learn from industry experts, and search for practical solutions to today’s issues in order to build a sustainable future for tomorrow.

Catalyst Group members participate in weekly discussions with a focus on identifying, analyzing, and exploring global issues. Facilitators are selected to research a topic of their choosing and then they facilitate a roundtable discussion among other Catalyst Group members. [Learn More]

Benefits include:

  • Build relationships. Building meaningful relationships with emerging leaders.
  • Communicate and Collaborate. Open participation in the weekly Catalyst Conversations on the global issues that are impacting our community and world. (Visit our Blog to view the Catalyst Conversations).
  • Discover opportunities. Search for new business opportunities and launch new initiatives.
  • Build knowledge. Broaden the depth and scope of your thinking in a networked world.
  • Connect with Leaders. Access to the Catalyst Board of Advisers Network

Our membership is affiliated with top-tier investment banks, consulting firms, technology firms, law firms, development firms, and leading entrepreneurs. Members have been educated at the premiere institutions in the US and World. Membership is exclusive and limited. For more on Featured Members [Learn More]

For membership inquiries, please contact:

Catalyst Group Commitments:

Mutual Improvement. Our membership understands the value of positive reinforcement and constructive feedback. We understand one another’s personal goals and collectively support one another in the pursuit of those goals. When possible, we make available our personal resources in order to further our team and team member’s pursuits.

Shared Knowledge. The power of knowledge resides in one’s ability to understand and empathize with multiple perspectives. We provide candid feedback on today’s most pressing and current events. Diverse opinions are the cornerstone of the robust content we create. By engaging in frequent conversation, we expand the knowledge base, development, and thought process of our membership.

Mentorship. Each member brings with him or her a unique history of perseverance and accomplishment made possible by unique combination of attributes. Substantial qualities coupled with an environment of mutual respect make constructive feedback possible. We never let the discomfort of honest feedback hinder our commitment to personal and collective growth.

Collaboration. Knowing how to lead is just as important as knowing when to follow. Consequently, each member of our organization is both a student and a teacher. Such capacities make possible a unique environment amicable to collaboration in the purest form. We sift through, consolidate, and organize ideas that are both idealistic and pragmatic in nature.

True Relationships. We are a group of connected, free spirited, professionals with high potential and a willingness to elevate each member to exceed their own ambitions and expectations.

Our Mantra

The Global Catalyst Group seeks to gather persons of unique potential into a community dedicated to thought leadership, shared resources, and mutual improvement. Through deliberate collaboration, collective mentorship and continuous dialogue we believe that we can support and stretch one another with meaningful insight and thoughtful guidance. We encourage our membership and partners to exercise, together, their ambition, creativity, and both their professional and social networks to pursue a greater purpose than oneself. We challenge them to leave a legacy and we support one another towards this end.

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We are actively exploring new opportunities to connect and collaborate on projects that add value to our mission. Contact us to start the conversation.