The Global Catalyst Group facilitates intimate and topic-specific roundtables to engage and empower organizations to explore the power of collaboration and deliberate dialogue around issues that are affecting their company, industry, and the world. GCG uses proven methodologies and a collaborative approach that harnesses the collective wisdom of key stakeholders and industry experts to find practical and implementable solutions.

The 2030 Series

The Global Catalyst Group will host “The 2030 Series” roundtable discussions on the future of industry, collaboration and ideas as it relates to specific industries. As leaders, you must be aware of the possibilities, trends and opportunities that will be affecting your industry and company in the future. The 2030 Series provides and opportunity for collaboration, cooperation and ideation to occur and unleash the creative and innovative energy of all attendees. A Global Catalyst Group facilitator will guide attendees from similar industries through a series of trends, topics, theories and innovations that are occurring on the fringe of your industry while developing key dialogue and conversation around the impact the conversations has on all attendees products, services and organizations. The Global Catalyst Group tailors the conversations around specific interest and needs of each roundtable. Each roundtable is developed with the host and Global Catalyst Group during an initial intake brief.

Contact the Global Catalyst Group for pricing and availability to host The 2030 Series.

Sponsored Roundtable Conversations

The Global Catalyst Group consist of bridge builders and facilitators of groups, communities and roundtable conversations. The key to moderating successful roundtable conversations is to gather the right group around the right topics. We offer services that help you and your organization establish roundtable conversations to meet your needs. This can be accomplished through external and internal roundtables.

External Sponsored Roundtables:

Do you need fresh, innovative perspective? By sponsoring a Global Catalyst Group roundtable, we build the team required to offer thought diversity, unique perspectives on issues that are currently facing your organization or industry. You will work directly with a GCG Facilitator to define the topic to suit the interest and needs of your group. GCG will then invite the right people to the table and moderate a 90-minute roundtable discussion.  The diversity of roundtable participants will provide very unique, fresh and innovative solutions to your business problems and obstacles.  Sponsored Roundtables are not advertising platforms but rather are for genuine dialogue around conversations that matter.

Internal Sponsored Roundtables:

If you have a select group of staff or clients to whom you wish to explore new ideas, a fresh perspective or collectively develop solutions to current business problems then an Internal Sponsored Roundtable will meet your needs. Ideas are our currency, people are our power, and solutions are what we do! The Global Catalyst Group facilitators will assist you in developing and defining the parameters for the roundtable and then organize, moderate and develop the conversation to best meet the roundtable objectives.

Our Mantra

The Global Catalyst Group seeks to gather persons of unique potential into a community dedicated to thought leadership, shared resources, and mutual improvement. Through deliberate collaboration, collective mentorship and continuous dialogue we believe that we can support and stretch one another with meaningful insight and thoughtful guidance. We encourage our membership and partners to exercise, together, their ambition, creativity, and both their professional and social networks to pursue a greater purpose than oneself. We challenge them to leave a legacy and we support one another towards this end.

Contact Us

We are actively exploring new opportunities to connect and collaborate on projects that add value to our mission. Contact us to start the conversation.