The Global Catalyst Group’s Solutions are our collaboration and business advisory offerings that are on the fringe of innovation for solving tomorrow’s problems today.

We believe that collaboration is the new energy source and we have built a leading incubator of ideas, people, and resources. Our strategic partners and alliances help us to implement the full scale and scope of our mission.

Our Solutions include:

Catalyst Group Membership.

Edgework: Building, enabling, and connecting the new leadership.

Through an open sourced, invitation-only membership, we provide a platform through which leaders of industry, politics, and social services interact with like-minded catalysts, learn from industry experts, and search for practical solutions to today’s issues in order to build a sustainable future for tomorrow. [Learn more]


Edgework: Creating more vibrant and sustainable cities by focusing on entrepreneurship.

CityEvolution sets the stage for cities, communities and regions to prepare for the future and build a roadmap to strategically create more vibrant and sustainable communities. CityEvolution empowers community leaders, public officials, businesses, and corporations to create a collaborative environment that proactively builds the future of their city. [Learn more]

Start-up Diver.

Edgework: Providing an independent and rigorous analysis of a start-up business’ market viability.

Start-up Diver is a strategic and collaborative process designed to objectively analyze a start-up business. We work with start-up businesses that are in their discovery phase and use key attributes to evaluate their core competencies based on operational flexibility, product marketability, and financial sustainability. [Learn more]

Communities of Innovation.

Edgework: Building the stage for individuals to connect and collaborate towards a common goal.

Communities of Innovation are virtual communities developed around solving the issues of today by bringing together thought leaders and innovators from diverse backgrounds, interests and geographies.  Communities of Innovation are offered by the Global Catalyst Group through membership-based communities and sponsored communities.  By building the stage and creating the environment for individuals to connect and collaborate, the Global Catalyst Group champions the wisdom generated from diversity of thought and takes a giant leap towards providing solutions to the issues facing our communities, our nation, and our world. [Learn more]

Our Mantra

The Global Catalyst Group seeks to gather persons of unique potential into a community dedicated to thought leadership, shared resources, and mutual improvement. Through deliberate collaboration, collective mentorship and continuous dialogue we believe that we can support and stretch one another with meaningful insight and thoughtful guidance. We encourage our membership and partners to exercise, together, their ambition, creativity, and both their professional and social networks to pursue a greater purpose than oneself. We challenge them to leave a legacy and we support one another towards this end.

Contact Us

We are actively exploring new opportunities to connect and collaborate on projects that add value to our mission. Contact us to start the conversation.